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    Concept Perfect Imperfection

    The Clumsies
    A fail-proof recipe

    Ingredients and quantities:
    Many “whoops!”. A generous serving of favorite mistakes. Several droplets outside the shaker. Quite a few spatters on clothes and surfaces.

    Execution & Serving:
    Go back in time. Actually, go back to 2012. Make sure that two people, strangers till that point, Vassilis Kyritsis (Greek World Class Winner 2012) and Nikos Bakoulis (Greek World Class Winner 2011), find themselves behind the same bar. A necessary prerequisite: they need to share an enjoyable sense of self sarcasm, and the belief that a bartender is not only judged by the impeccable execution of a recipe, but also by the way he connects with customers. Let them freely experiment for a few years. Then bring them into contact with three industrious businessmen in the hospitality sector: Lefteris Georgopoulos, Thanos Tsounakas, and Giorgos Kaissaris. Stir gently, then serve.

    The team behind this carefully put together space strongly believe that an all-day bar should be warm and welcoming and feel familiar. You can start your day there, as interior spaces are drenched in natural light; the ambience changes while the day progresses and people gather here for a night out.

    Coming into contact and interacting with people is part of their job, yet for Nikos and Vassilis, being genuine hosts, this is something enjoyable and creative. Their ‘natural habitat’ extends beyond the bar, as they engage with people visiting the space.

    A special part of The Clumsies is The Room: a space featuring a fireplace, a bookcase, a billiard table and vinyl LPs; it can accommodate up to ten people. Service is personalized and somewhat formal; customers enjoy the unique experience of The Clumsies and can choose from a list of extraordinary cocktails, savoring distinctive tastes available only to them. Reservations are made through the website or via phone, and response is immediate.

  • There’s always Room for more experience

    Walk up the internal stairway, open the door leading to the Room and find yourself in a cozy living space.

    Your only host is a welcoming and skilled bartender with a rich premium and vintage spirits list at his disposal, able to offer you the most tailor-made of cocktails.

    Enjoy your drink, settle comfortably in an armchair or -why not?- have a game of pool and put on music you like, because The Clumsies' feel like your own home.

    Book for this current month for 6 to 10 people on +30 210 323 2682.

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    lefteris georgorpoulos
    thanos tsounakas
    nikos mpakoulis
    giorgos kaisaris
    vasilis kiritsis

    portraits by Jason Deligiannis-Fetsis

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Nikos Bakoulis

Nikos Bakoulis

In 2011, he was ranked first in the World Class competition in Greece, securing a ticket to the world finals in New Delhi, India. In 2012, he represented Greece in the Bar Show pan-European contest in Athens, soon after winning the Angostura Global Challenge.

Vassilis Kyritsis

Vassilis Kyritsis

In 2012, he emerged as the best Greek bartender, representing Greece in the European Finals of the World Class competition in London’s Waldorf Astoria Syon Park. He then rose to the 17th place among 50 bartenders in the World Class 2012 world final, held in Rio de Janeiro.

Lefteris Georgopoulos

Lefteris Georgopoulos

A businessman boasting many years of experience in mass catering and event planning. He has set up, owned and manages Theory Bar & More (Athens); He is a co-founder of Barflies, a mobile bar services company.

Thanos Tsounakas

Thanos Tsounakas

An interior designer (Vakalo Art & Design College) and one of the owners of the company Nine Design and Theory Bar & More (Athens). He came up with the concept, designed and had overall responsibility for some of the best and most unique bars in Athens. He combines creativity with entrepreneurial spirit.

Giorgos Kaissaris

Giorgos Kaissaris

Giorgos has many years of experience in mass catering. He is one of the three co-owners of Theory Bar & More (Athens); he has been running the bar superbly, and is considered pivotal for the team.

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